Kodi 19.4 fork remote communications server fails

Trying to load the promise on 19.4 and I keep getting remote communications server failed. I have uninstalled 19.4 and reinstalled it and still get the same answer. What am I doing wrong??

Are you using this for the repo https://tinyurl.com/TWHrepo it’s from there site?

Yes I am but it is happening also when I tried to install Fen.

Fen is part of Diggz so no longer works. But for the url the above is from there site. Might try a fresh install of Kodi from the RAI or there site.

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Fen should still work even though Diggz closed up shop, right? You may not be able to get it with the old Diggz pre-builds, but should be able to use it’s main repository (Tikipeter repo). Install FEN Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android October 2022

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Oh, I thought they were on the same Repo, my bad if not.

I could be wrong too, but seems like Fen may be fine. I just installed it two days ago, so im just assuming I guess.

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No your probably right i just assumed it was from the same dev.

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I used the Kodi 19.4 fork and followed Troy’s instructions and I keep getting remote communications failed I am using Firestick Max could that be the problem?

Followed Troy’s video.

I also used the 19.4 fork and it installed fine. At what point did it say about the remote communication failure? Did you get the repository installed?

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