Kodi 19.3 installation problem

I have been using the KODI 18.9 FORK on my android TV box for the past 10 months but now have decided to install KODI 19.3.

Using Troy’s Rapid App installer, I went to the KODI 19.3 slot which did not have a download indicator, but did have the install arrow. So I clicked the install arrow, was asked if I wanted to install or cancel so I chose install, but when all was said and done I received a message that the app did not install.

I also tried using the downloader instead of RAI, but got the same message.

I hope I don’t have to return the box to factory settings before installing 19.3 …

Can someone help me with this? Thank you!

Hi @Tumble
You can also try to download it from the Playstore.
Make sure your VPN is turned off. Might also try to clear cache and restart your device too.

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Thanks for the tips! I have a VPN router (ASUS/Nord) and it does interfere sometimes. Also, I’m so used to using my Firestick that I forgot about Google Play for the box. Of course!

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