KM7 sound problem Tivimate

I’m not getting sound on movies and tv shows using my KM7. Live tv is fine and all other apps. My fire stick has sound with Tivimate movies so it’s not an issue with my IPTV provider. I uninstalled and reinstalled and I can’t think of anything else. Suggestions? Thanks in advance

on the km7 look into audio passthrough settings

That something we have on the KM6 also…?

I cant re-call…I had a km7 for a short time. Im just going on what ive seen as issues elsewhere. Often the sound in misconfigured on the box, tv or sound system. Since it works with others its sounds as if the km7 is the culprit.

Where would I find pass thru settings?

Copy…I do remember seeing audio problems posted on the 7 before…& I even had one on my 6 that I couldn’t figure out & had to do the dreaded factory reset…just wondering if it’s something mecool related or android 10/google certified related or what.

If you have it look in settings

device prefs>> display and sound or anything sorta like that

Looked there and not much to choose from so I tried all of those options

After reset did it fix the problem?

Go into tivimate>>settings>> playback and check audio passthrough there as well as other settings

Yes it did…also with another poster that had the same problem on a mecool, but not sure if it was a 6 or 7…?

Are you having the audio problems while watching VOD from an iptv service in Tivimate?

Movies, all live tv is okay. I don’t have much to lose with a reset. The hardest part is entering all the stuff correctly for tivimate but I’d rather not. My fire stick is working fine with tivimate so it has to be the kn7 and thernot much in settings to work with

Copy…if you tried the audio passthrough Ron mentioned in tivimate & nothing changed (think you need a receiver maybe??? not sure) then I see a few options before a factory reset. You can…

Do a backup…uninstall & reinstall tivimate…the backup will keep your playlists & settings etc…

You can do a backup on your firestick tivimate & send it over to your mecool…

Or you can factory reset your o/s & start fresh…having a tivimate backup in your file manager

BTW…if audio is working on your KM7 for live or on other apps or giving you notification noises…then I seriously doubt it’s a problem with your o/s…when my audio went out, I got no sound from any app or anything…not even a chirp from my google assistant.

I tried all sound settings, uninstall tivimate and reinstall. My fire stick on the same tv and hdmi port has no issues so all I can think of is a reset.I’ll only install tivimate on the km7 for now so it won’t be too much of a hassle. If I’m in need of my other apps I’ll just watch in another room or move my stick over. My iptv, PK, has tons of vod and live tv so I’ll be good with that. I was hoping to learn of a simple fix but it appears that reset is the only fix. Thanks

Roger that…nothing wrong with starting fresh with everything. Still wondering why it’s only on your IPTV VOD…& only on the Tivimate on your Mecool. That’s a head scratcher…only thing that makes sense to me is some sort of corruption with your iptv playlist in that tivimate on that box…please let us know if the reset fixes the issue. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

Will do, no time now, probably tomorrow. I will post if it resolved the problem or maybe in the meantime I’ll get a fix from someone who had the same issue. I doubt it as there’s hardly any settings for sound and I’m pretty sure I tried all of them. Thanks again

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You may have tried this…but if not, check you iptv telegram or discord or whatever chat they use…you might get lucky there…?

Fixed!!! Changed audio decoder from hardware to software and all is well. Thanks for your input

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Problem solved In tivimate settings playback I changed auto decoder from hardware to software and it did the trick. Thanks for your input


That’s great Capgeo…I’ve switched those before & never had much luck with the software decoder…so I’m glad it worked out for your problem :+1: