Km6 mecool deluxe new bluetooth remote control

Hi guys, i wondered if anyone can help, i have the Mecool km6 deluxe android box, which is fab. Only thing is the remote, which unless you point directly at the box is not very good. So i noticed on their site a new Bluetooth, with mouse function and gyroscope built in, however still needs pointing directly at the box to work. Anyone had any issues with this. Thanks in advance. Jimmy.

I have the km6 with a ugoos bt remote and it works very well even if pointed in thr oposite direction. My original remote is ir and I cant test that so it could be the remotes issue.

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Hey @jimmy.royle If you have to point directly at box then your remote isn’t paired to bluetooth…just IR. Go into Settings/Remotes & Devices and see what’s going on…there should be a bluetooth symbol & Add accessory…another bluetooth symbol & Add Device next one should be a cross symbol…which is your remote…named AGT or ACT & numbers…click on that & pair it. :cowboy_hat_face:

Edit: When you get that squared away…Troy’s RAI has a nice mouse toggle that works very well with the KM6 remote…


cool…because of your post I found that only my ugoos was paired to the km6. The original remote was ir paired out of the box so I never checked :joy:…ty its now bt paired also.


Thanks, got there in the end. I had to press down the ok button and volume- button at the same time to pair it.

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Ha ha…I should’ve warned you…when I first paired mine it didn’t work…was pressing the OK & + side of the volume bar myself…was a real head scratcher for awhile…I just chalked it up to a “senior moment” & carried on :roll_eyes:

Glad ya got it…& like I said…Troy’s mouse toggle app is pretty good, if you’re still wanting one of those. :cowboy_hat_face:

Dont worry, i have senior moments the minute i wake up until i fall asleep.

I bought the G20S Pro Plus from Amazon. Plug dongle in usb port and the KM6 functions like a champ again. Love the KM6 deluxe, really dislike the stock remote.

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