ITV Hub not available

I am located in Ontario and have been using IPVanish as well as Ivacy to use ITV Hub with no luck. Tried various UK locations. I can not even get the app to download from the app store or ITV site. Any ideas?

There are various methods. What device do you have? You can use filelinked, es file explorer etc. Many tutorials on line. I did a search and found some good screen shot tutorials.

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Hi Miki, I would be grateful if you would point me at the tutorial you reference.
I live in the U.K. and of course have no problem getting ITVHub and using it - it is in my App store. But I am in the process of emigrating to the US and I set up an old Firestick as if I was living in the US already. ITVHub was not in the App Store but I eventually found one and downloaded it. Despite using all U.K. servers on ExpressVPN and the free servers on Windscribe I could get nowhere using it. It kept saying it was not valid for the region. I could use BBC iPlayer ok but had issues with the channel 4 app (All4). I came to the conclusion that if I will want full access to all free U.K. channels when I am in the US I will have to set up a Firestick as if I am in the U.K. and attach it to a different HDMI port.

fyi, it appears Roku calls that app royalbox? not sure if same but thats what pops up with itv hub in search.

Thanks but when I tried this using Downloader the Filelinked url was replaced by the alliance4creativity url and access to filelinked was not possible. Trying via EScFikexplorer just failed. Looks as if Filelinked was one of the web sites taken down in the recent alliance activity.
Just searched Insider and see that Filelinked was closed last June. I tried getting the ITVHub app from different sources but could make none of them work.

ahh ok. Sorry that’s the best instructional site I could find. You’ll have to search the net and see if there are others.

Hey Brian…

& the ITV app in Unlinked 710 store duznt work?


It appears filelinked is taken down. Is there somewhere else to download the Itv hub onto my firestick?

I have the same issue. Can not find anywhere to download.ITV Hub onto my Firestick. Did you find it?

Lotsa places, just make sure its exactly the apk you want.

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