iStar set top iptv boxes

Has anyone heard of these boxes and how is the box and iptv service on it?

Never heard of them and that in its self is an indicator :joy:

All you need for a good stream box is a good amlogic chip, I suggest 4 g memory but not required and 32 gb storage also not required. A player, I suggest tivimate and good dl and ul isp provider. With that said the $20 onn box will work…just depends on what do you want to do/spend etc.


From what I searched, it’s a preloaded IPTV box


DUH I’m asking for anyone who has used it

Dont be rude, people are just trying to help. Infact if you use the search you would see we dont recommend any preloaded box.

Topic was related, please keep it here.


a quick search shows istar usa offering a euro power adaptor?

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