Issues with Paramount plus app

Anyone having trouble with this app? Using it on firestick, and after starting, it freezes and then goes to black screen. I have to exit the app, clear cache, make sure no apps are running in background, restart app, and then deal with buffering for the first couple of minutes… dont even consider using a vpn!! sucks!!!

Hmmm. Paramount+ is a lot like Amazon> " do it our way or else". So I have no idea how your issues are caused but it can be anything from to many devices logged in to using an ad blocker. Log out of every device that is logged in and then log in on just the one you’re using. Turn off ad blockers. Of course they do point out that you may be trying to access their servers at “peak” times. Ooops.

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Hi R-dub…

My experience this summer watchin BB live feeds is… 1. They update everyother day it seemed like (so check for update or uninstll/reinstll) 2. It takes up a lot of space (so check that)

Had to uninstll/reinstll a few times, cuz i wasnt seeing notifictns in Wolf

Hope this is helpfull

I use the background apps and process list app &have tried shutting down everything except Wolf(and if the $#&* thing doesn’t work with that, it’s not worth squat!) Most of my apps are on USB, so I’m using less than half of my firestick…I might try reinstalling it this weekend
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