Issues with Kodi/cached torrents

Hi has anyone had issues with Kodi the last few days? I am on 19.5 and use a few different apps on Kodi to get my shows. More often than not the last three or four days the shows are not playing and it’s telling me one or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message. I can’t really figure out what the actual issue is though, anyone else? Thanks.

I’ve tried on multiple devices it’s not isolated to one device. Log is empty.

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With or without rd?

Sounds to me like you’ve configured your addons to show cached torrents only, which only works if your real debrid subscription is still active. Login on the website and check that it hasn’t expired. Renew if it has.

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Sorry, left that out, I do use real debrid. I will reauthorize, etc. thx . Still active subscription.

I do have an active real debrid subscription. I’ll check out the other things as you say, thanks.

I would update to 20.1 and check RD subscription and authorization again and see if you’re still having this issue.


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