Is This Going to be a Problem?

Hi guys! I pulled this quote off a website pertaining to Venom and wonder if it’s going to become an issue with all the Exodus clone addons. I don’t know anything about addon development but if we are going to lose Venom over this issue, how many other great addons could follow?

Developer messsage in the latest verson of Venom: Some of you may have heard that TVDB will be going to a paid only sub for access to their api. This would mean every user, using an addon that utilizes TVDB’s api, would be required to pay this fee. That is the smallest part of the problem. TVDB will also deprecate all prior api versions. Most exo forks utilize TVDB’s v1 api. This would mean those addons would be required to recode their addon for TVDB v4 api(json vs. xml) and each user pays a $12/yr fee, or the developer recode to utilize another meta provider for TVShow data.

Frankly my position, at this moment, is I’m not going to deal with it and call it a day. It’s not a matter of can I but more a matter if I have the ambitions to spend my free time doing the work it will require. Honestly after two years my ambitions have declined.

So at this time it’s safe to say that at the end of March Venom will cease to exist. It would still work for movies but shows will no longer work. Unless TVDB changes their position on the matter that is the best and honest answer I can give people without leaving them in the dark what is to come.

I wouldnt worry too much. That is for access to an api that im sure will be found elsewhere. Kodi hasnt been around this long to not figure that out. A big group of techies will find a solution.

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The movie database is one of many metadata engines… it’s big and used in everything but won’t effect much.

Others will replace it, which is why I like Orion and realdebrid. Everyone trying to hop on the pay me bandwagon. Besides venom isn’t that great. I’d seriously switch to seren with real debrid with a4k scraper or Orion scraper with rd boom all your metadata in one spot.


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