Is there app for sports?

Trying to watch a game that’s on ESPN+ today at noon. Used to have Kodi with the Sportsdevil add on, but I’ve deleted Kodi and just use Cinema apk and Sapphire iptv, which doesn’t have espn+.

Are there apks for this? Or do I need to install kodi?

I use BLUEHAT. Loaded thru KODI MATRIX.

I use the silk browser and

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Yes, the one I use costs $22 for 3 months and is very much worth it . I mostly only watch it for pay per view/UFC but I’m pretty sure it’s got just about every sport except Belator which Pluto tv has for free, yes it has ESPN and ESPN 2 also and Paramount . For some reason though I don’t get the exact same programs on ESPN 2 as I do on the ESPN app. Some of it is though. Oh yeah, you also get all of the Sunday NFL games also. All for only $22 for 3 months.

Hello, my name is Mateo and I am curious as to what you use to watch the UFC/PPV fights. Send me a private message if you do not wish to say it here. Thank you…

Sort of…
Ola TV app is the best. If you’re already familiar with the ola TV app, Search for the channel it is on, select your nearest city of your team, make sure it works, then save as favorite. The favorites save in the Kshaw app. Make sure you have multiple saved favorites of each channel because the server might be down from one week to the next. But out of the two or three apps you saved you’ll definitely be able to watch your game each week. This is the second season it’s been working for me perfectly. Video quality is always really good.

What is the name of the APK please? Thanks

I’m not sure how to send you a private message. I’m not sure if I should even be saying the name. I guess I would prefer to send it that way only because I’m not sure if I can put it on here.

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Hey Bluz, I found one, so no need to say. I wouldn’t have wanted you to name it anyway. Thank you for responding.