Is there a tutorial on how to side load apps onto the newest me-cool devuce

I have been trying to load apps to my new me-cool device and I know a tutorial was made but right after it says to download the downoaders application, it becomes clearly that it does not show a thing about how to side load the apps using the downloader. I have owned this thing for months now and still have not figured it out, so any info for dummies or should I say any clear info fir dummies would be really awesome

Hi @Stamus25
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So, once you get Downloader installed, move your cursor to the url box, and type in the app url address.
So, for example, to download and install the troypoint rapid app installer, type in the url box
And click enter
Once the app downloads, click install.

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Yes, watch the video you get in your install guide sent to your email when you join. Also mentioned above.

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This is the TP vid to get kick-started :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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