Is Syncler down?

Logged on to Syncler and got the following message: "Failed to initialize Syncler. Please verify you can access and restart the app. Error:[Z:-2,null].

If I put that address in my browser, the page reads: “Error 520 Web server is returning an unknown error.”

I tried rebooting the FireTV Cube. No help. Does anyone know what might be going on?

Same issue with same message :flushed:

sounds like the server is down but could be dns errors. Can you swap vpn servers and/or dns servers?

I shut my vpn off to insure that wasn’t the issue. I think you are right the server may be down.

something im seeing alot more now days are the big boy server like cloudfare are being pressured to drop what they deem as illegal content. Or whatever big media thinks is bad, they make stuff up in courts and get servers to go along or else.


I checked Telegram (should have thought of that first). The server is down.

Yes, i have a post on this error. Typically means its down.

And yes it is down.

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mine too wait and see

Mine is done. Just stopped in last 40 minutes

Everything is back up and working


Thanks for letting us know!

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