Is Samsung m3u8 EPG down

Is Samsungs EPG down?

Does appear like the epg isn’t loading. Trying an update now but it’ll take a few minutes. They may be updating the XML.

Let’s hope so, I found local now and localbtv but they are on Google play apps that can’t be found for tivimate,

There are m3u playlists for Local Now but not seen a free one for local TV.

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There is a free app for localbtv on Google play

I have local on tivimate with no epg

I’m working on a restore data list for tivimate that has a customized movie, channels, without my payed service that may come in handy,

Ya Same here. Not sure what’s up with Samsung. I have 2 epg files one compressed, and neither are loading. Maybe an update coming.

Resolved, Samsungs EPG back online

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Yes it is. Updated to.