Is porting Syncler+ to new devices possible?

I have just upgraded to 4 new FireTV 4k Max in 4 rooms, so is it possible to port my current Syncler+ subscription from my old FireTV’s to the new device’s? I currently have a subscription for 5 devices that runs out in 4 months time, so I’m hoping I wont have to buy a new Syncler+ subscription and can just port my current subscription over.


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You can install syncler one all your devices and put your key in and use it. The key will still expire when it’s supposed to.

You can’t however use s+ with the same key at the same time with another device. So you can have your key in each room just can’t multiple use it.



Thanks for your very prompt reply. So, am I correct in understanding then, that I can just delete to factory settings my current old FireTV devices that all have S+ on, and then just put my current key in the new devices and it will work ok - I currently have the Personal 5 devices subscription, which, as I understand it, I can use S+ on 5 devices at the same time.


Didn’t realize you got more than one device, then yes you are fine. You are good.

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That’s great news. I didn’t want to erase the data on my current 4 old FireTV devices in case there was some obligatory setting to remove my subscription from them first.

Thanks for your help…


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