Is Kodi still worth the effort?

I use the Slamious build…but I still deleted a bunch of addons.
You understand that addons come and go.
Devs get busted, or ACE the media conglomerates out to shut down video piracy get to nipping at their heels…so some folks get out of the game altogether.
It just makes you appreciate the work that the people who are working on KODI plugins still even more.

There’s an app in the playstore called tv listings the covers us tv. It goes by zip code and provider. (I use the AT&T Uverse guide from California because it covers cable channels east and west. For the UK, there’s another guide called Cisana Tv+ UK. hope this helps

Thanks Shawn, yes I use Cisana from time to time …usually to check which channel the rugby is on. Thanks for your message.

I like Kodi, but the builds can make its use easy or difficult. After testing a dozen different builds I’ve decided to run Xenon Diggz. It’s well organized, seldom crashes, and provides say access to my android apps. Ive set up Wolf launcher to open Kodi rather than than my app screen. So far I really like it.

Kodi can be great or terrible depending on your knowledge of it and how you set it up. Once you get it properly configured I think it’s better than any of the apps out there. If you’re on the fence about it try following this guide I filmed and then see what you think of using the crew.


Tried Kodi 19.1. Very disappointed with results. Found no change from 19. In fact, it started crashing during the initial install. Deleted it. What is working well for me is 18.6 with a few addons like Crew, Oath and Exodus

I’m on 19.1 and the crew works fine.

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Hello im in Canada and have been using Kodi for years but can,t figure out why when i watch a tv last month and save to favorite or i go back to addon i got it from and now it says no streams available ? is it because im in canada and they are blocking us?

Using a VPN? Not sure if you always have, but if not give one a try. Maybe someone initiated a Geoblock policy.

Try connection via WIFI instead. I noticed the LAN cable adapter I used on my Firestick 4k actually make my connection slower than WIFI. My Firestick on WIFI with Nord VPN or IP Vanish, it gets right around 100mbps, when it is connected with the LAN it goes to about half that. My Nvidia Shields have recently done the same, the 2 connected via WIFI are always faster than the 1 that is connected via LAN. 80mbps on LAN is the most it gets, where WIFI is getting 140-160mbps with the VPN on…