Is it Tivimate or Vava View's Fault

Recently switched to Vava View (Vue) for the U.S. football season (NCAA / NFL). I also switched to Tivimate from Smarters at the same time. I went ahead and paid the lifetime for Tivimate as it was pretty cheap. I’m running into a lot of buffering issues that at times becomes unbearable. It’s usually fine for a good part of the program, then it starts and happens as little as every 30 seconds. Not every program, but enough that it is irritating me. Internet not a problem as I have a solid 450Mb, but up to 500 Mb at the Fire Cube. I’ve tried logging out then back in - Force Stopping just to make sure, but still continues.

Any thoughts? I know the stream is at the mercy of the source, but it’s happening at a lot of sources/channels.

(What pushed me over the top was when a close nail biting game this weekend came down to the last few minutes and it kept freezing while the ball was in the air or just snapped).

Buffering usually isn’t caused by the player. You could clear cache of Tivimate, force stop, reboot to keep it clean, other than that it is on the IPTV source. Having them cut down on your “bouquet” of channels sometimes helps to streamline it a bit, but I would contact them for their solution to the channels that buffer badly.

Could also be VPN. What are you using?

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Hey @Rottiedawg I hear ya on the freezing at the MOST inopportune time during a game :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: been there before.

I would suggest throwing a verified, stable playlist on your Tivimate, just to see if you’re still having buffering problems whilst watching channels from it…like PlutoTV or Tubi or BumbleBee et al…
Sorry…original url was the epg…my bad…one with embedded epg below

Miki also posted a ton of other playlists you can try on the below thread…just scroll down a skosh. I would be interested to know if buffering issues persist on Pluto or any of the other playlists. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Welcome! Did you happen to try changing the buffering size to see if that may help? Good luck!


Does the same buffering occur during football when using the Smarters player? This is the first place to start your evaluation. Apples to apples.

If no, its Tivimate, but I find that hard to believe.

If yes, there are a lot of factors. First would be your IPTV provider followed by your setup.

I always carry two IPTV providers for this very reason.

Hello, I continually have buffering issues with vava view. It is always popular channels during popular times(football, big games, etc.) Would be interested if you find a solution as I have written to VAVA several times and they always point the finger at me. Obviously not. Pluto works fine.

Pluto is working fine then it’s probably your provider. They all love to throttle the service and if they don’t want to help you you might want to look elsewhere. Unfortunately that’s the nature of the business. Good luck

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There’s no reson why you cannot have both Smarters & TiviMate installed on your device. You can load your credentials/playlist on both players.
If Tivimate is buffering, force stop it and then try Smarters and see if it’s any better.
More than likely it is the service, not the player. But there’s no reason why you can’t try both.

-BTW, isn’t discussing Vava View on here a big no-no??
Pipe in Draaco, just trying to keep TP Insider off of the radar.