Is footybite a problem site ... according to AVG it is?

When linking to footybite to try it on my computer AVG aborted connection to poshhateful because infected with URL:Blacklist, because infected with URL:Scam, for same reason, xml.popmonetizer for same reason.

Your views would be appreciated.

is footybite a trusted site to you? how long have you used it? do you keep personal info on the device?

Sorry, i fixed the post to edit links just to be safe. Thank you for joining us at troypoint!

Only loaded it today on my computer to try out. Saw it recommended in Troys weekly posting.
Just surprised when AVG blocked it and wondering if this is just some sort of false positive or is it really an issue?

Personally ive never heard of it but if Troypoint posted it I would figure what you are getting is false. However I would(imho) keep to well known vetted apps.