Is Cinema HD Dead?

I was having problems with Cinema HD (Real Debrid installed) on an android box and deleted and reinstalled version 5.0.7 from Troypoint.

During the install process i got a message that it wouldn’t install with a VPN running, so I turned the VPN off.

  1. I get nothing for movies, etc with the VPN running. Nothing but a blank screen.
  2. A new red icon looking like a Y in a circle is in the top right of the screen. When I click on it, it gets replaced by a green icon.
  3. With the VPN turned off, all of the top quality content is gone. Just a bunch of lame shows.

I’m kind of a noob at this. Can someone walk me through what I am doing wrong?

Hi @SatansApprentice
Welcome to the community, hope you find it helpful.
So, turn off your VPN, then uninstall Cinema.
If you don’t have Kodi install using this guide:

Once installed, install an add-on such as Seren, The Crew, Venom they are here:

Add your real-debrid and you should be good to go
Good luck


Hey Apprentice…

When your done reading all that…
Download BeeTV from TPRIA…
(it also takes RD but isnt required)

Its the same as Cinema, & C has recently had other problems anyway… then youll have a backup apk when they figure it out

Hope this helps… SK


Just turn off your VPN. Uninstalled old app and reinstall new app. I would try that first before going into PaNiC mode. lol

Also, Syncler is imho, a better choice over all. TP has a vid on it if you care to view it.


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Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy!!

Cinema isnt dead, but it does have some issues. If you are not getting any links the above advice is your best bet. Syncler is absolutely amazing with real debrid.


My personal top three.

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