Ipvanish WireGuard

I have been using the WireGuard protocol on my IOS devices and I am getting lightning speeds. I am running around 80 to 90% of the speed I am getting without a VPN connection. The speed difference is barely noticeable.

However this is not the case with my FireTv’s. I have tried the WireGuard protocol on both my 4K and Max Firesticks and the results are truly disappointing. My speed runs at approximately 20% that of my speed running without a VPN.

I an getting better speeds with Open VPN protocol (Tweaked with the best open vpn protocol and with the best port) which run at about 50 to 60% of the speed without a VPN.

I really question why this protocol does not work well on the fire stick compared to my IOS devices.

Have others had similar issues?

Were you able to change the WireGuard protocol to get better results than those using the Open protocol?

I look fwd to your comments.

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Following this one as I have not had great luck with it either.

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It’s rather difficult to determine why your Firestick isn’t giving you lightning speeds with the VPN on. I have found that with some modem/IP combinations in the from varying service providers in my same town, that one suppliers equipment seems to work better with OpenVPN using the Universal Data Packet protocol and another is better with Wireguard. One I did 2 days ago Wireguard was 58 Mbps and OpenVPN UDP was 97. Now on a firestick this provided my customer with a stable connection with little to no buffering. His speed was 263 down without vpn. But my location is in Mexico and infrastructure sucks. Location of server also changes the speed, but that’s the best I’ve seen here and wish I could get. With wireguard I get 78 down 53 up

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Tx for the response.

In my case, I get lightning speeds using WireGuard on my IOS products using the same router/modem used for my Firestick. With IOS devices I was getting 550mps without vpn and nearly 500mbs with WireGuard. So this rules out my provider and seems to point to the Firestick.

I will continue to research this and use open vpn for the Firestick and WireGuard for my other devices. Let me know if you come up with additional thoughts.

IOS and Firestick being different devices will have different specs. But there are also other things to consider, for instance, the 2.4 GHz band is slower but better able to handle obstacles. The 5GHz band is best for line of site transmitting under 30 ft. So if on 2.4 and your modem/router is close to your TV you can increase speeds by using the 5GHz band. Often as much as 30+ Gbps.

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Not an issue since I run the Firesticks at 5 ghz.


I also never use wireguard protocol with my Sticks. For me what works best is TCP. Speed is 20% to 50% faster. Frankly I have learned that my Sony Google O/S operates best at speed above 115MB/s, Firesticks above 42MB/s & Shield Pro above 85MB/s. Any speed above these settings is unused, redundant.
I also seem to notice using wireguard that while speeds are very fast but I seem to be kicked out as if possibly the wireguard protocol pulses ?

I have had the same problem, I found that OpenVPN with TCP and port 443 was the fastest, and also manually selecting the best server and getting 130Mb Max on a 1GB connection. I’ll know for sure if it’s an ISP thing on the 4th of May when I change to another provider, the ISP I’m with now is well known not to be very VPN tolerant.


Tx for the info. Let me know if things improve after your change.

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