IPVanish widget

My IPVanish widget in Wolf launcher is not working since recent IPVanish update. Does anyone know how to fix it?

With widgets its hard to figure between what will work from box to box. Go into settings and permissions and make sure ipvanish has full access. Look everywhere in the app setting…even hidden in crevices, under the welcome mat…everywhere… and even then it might and might not work. Ive actually had widgets just start working after weeks of head scratching :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… another option is contacting the vendor. Often a simple adb command will fix it. Compatibility is far and unknown in the widget world.

Thanks for your attempt to help me - I’m not as technologically literate as I would like to be but I keep trying! I appreciate your suggestions. I was hoping maybe Troy would post an updated video on troypoint.com, which is where I first found the awesome WolfLauncher. Thanks, again!

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