Ipvanish VPN not staying connected

It’s getting kind a crappy, myself and 2 others have it and it stays connected for MINUTES, literally. What’s the deal? If there’s no solution, I’ll go get NORDVPN.

This is IPV’s response.

FYI I fought with them over this exact issue that arose about 10 weeks ago. Almost hourly log submissions for an entire week. Nothing fixed. Cancelled sub and got ExpressVPN, problem solved. The IPV reconnect rarely ever worked for me nor auto connect. I often had my system on for 3-5 minutes before it would initiate a connection. I took to starting IPV manually each time I started my 4K stick. Good luck.

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Contact their customer support for help. Mine stays connected for weeks at a time. Keep in mind it could be your Internet too. If that ever drops, your VPN will disconnect. I would suggest rebooting your cable modem, router, and streaming device. Also, try testing different protocols in settings.

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