IPVanish VPN for new and ingesting customers?

Is this special 2-Year IPVanish VPN Deal

With this discount you will get IPVanish VPN for 2 years (24 months) at only $69.98

for new and ingesting customers or only NEW?

It’s been my experience being an IPVanish customer that they are very flexible. In fact last year when it was renewal time and I knew there are always deals/sales on the service, I just got onto chat with them and they absolutely without blinking an eye, offered me the same deal as a new subscriber. The smart thing to do. Customer retention.

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Hi Scottey,

We suggest contacting IPVanish support and asking for our special discount price to be added when your current plan ends. Yes as @Wizzard said they can be very flexible with TROYPOINT subscribers.

IPVanish support - https://support.ipvanish.com/hc/en-us


I would agree I talked to them when my renewal was up they gave my 3 yrs of service for $99 even. I have to pay them the $99 upfront, buy it does not renew until late 2023. I hope this helps have a wonderful day.


I tried that, and the person I talked to refused to give me a deal. It depends entirely on who you get. It’s a crap shoot. Worth a try, but may or may not work, but all you’ve lost is a little time. The deals are awesome and you can’t beat unlimited devices.

Well I would try again, all that you are losing is a little time each time. Don’t wait until the day of your renewal, because you never know who you might get. I hope that all makes sense


I just jumped ship for a year. I may try again but I suspect I’ll go with a package like VPN and Secure encrypted e:mail, but in this hobby I’m learning to never say never.

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