IPVanish & SugarSync

Hi guys, I had thought SugarSync addition was for new customers only and not existing customers but I logged in to see when my subscription was due and it gave me the option to setup SugarSync for free. So this is just a bit of info if anybody wants to check. I got 250GB free space although I don’t know what I’ll use it for as I use 3 different backup methods already but I suppose another one won’t do any harm :slight_smile:

Thanks for this reminder @conman33158 I’m not sure if this exists for all customers. At one time, it all depended on whether you got in on IPVanish when this was included as part of the registration.

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Always worth the check, free space from a reputable company is always good :slight_smile:

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The only problem with the Sugarsync (Well for me) is when I tried to store anything up there, the upstream was painfully slow. I would never pay for that service or should I say lack of. I did that two years ago.

Yeah I noticed it was very slow on the upload when I have 100mb upload connection. Also found it picks and chooses what it allows on its severs, it was refusing certain URL shortcuts for some unknown reason and a few PDF files, photos and other random stuff and even sales receipts, every time you reboot your system it keeps trying to sync the files it wouldn’t handle which just uses system resources at startup. It’s to panicky for my liking so I’ll just give it a miss, I’ll maybe just sync my word documents to it but that would be about it, everything else is just uploads what it feels is safe even though all my stuff is safe, bit of a head scratcher. I use C2 Synology and have never encountered any problems like this, really strange, but as I say, I have 3 backups and 1 of them is off-site so it’s no big loss and it was free anyway :slight_smile:

P.S. Just found out also, you need a business account to backup network drives.