Iptv server name

So in TiviMate can I name my iptv server anything I want.

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You can rename your playlist and EPG anything you want. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by renaming the server. Server address is something you cannot rename or change as that is the URL for TiViMate to connect to.


You can rename “playlists”, which is each service you put a url in for. So if you have 3 services, you can name each accordingly for easy visibility.


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I rename all my playlists and epg names for easy recognizing. I even place an emoji on my playlists and epgs to find a channel guide that might be missing. Makes it easy to spot who the epg is associated with. Kinda like color coding. It’s the nerd and OCD in me, i.e, organizational freak.


That’s why I enable the channels logo. Much easier to scan my made up groups and recognize the Channel. Love TiViMate.

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All TiviMate needs to incorporate into the app is the ability to pause/ff/rew Live TV. Hence, the need for apps like CosmiTV & SparkleTV IPTV players!

Thing is, you can only ff to a certain degree as you can’t watch what hasn’t been broadcast yet. So imho this is where catchup comes in, as I honestly see no need to rewind any live TV. You can do all that with catchup.

if provider has catch up seems less and less.

Catchup isn’t something I use, but I do know some love it and the odd supplier does have lots, but yes it is getting more and more rare.

I have one provider that seems to have a lot of catchup channels. Although, like Miki, I have rarely ever used it.

Btw, i only got that service because it had The Adventures of Superman (the original old series) in their 24/7 group.

I remember superman where bullets bounce off his chest then they run out of bullets throw gun and superman ducks.

Yes, but not everyone has catch up with their service(s) :upside_down_face:

My main provider got rid of it over a year ago - said it was too much to maintain (& the cost to do so but, of course, he never mentioned that part)

I did say the odd provider. You have to search or know some service that has a good catchup selection. If searching I suggest getting on Discord and join a chat room. Ask your questions and you’ll most likely get a quick response.

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