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Have loads of “free” m3u playlists…Github, Troy’s latest update, et. al…but my players will not play or recognize these m3u destinations. Smarters Pro, which I uninstalled and installed more than once, says I have an “invalid” file. No luck with other “free” players and I am hesitant to upgrade to their premium versions based on limited success. Anything obvious that I might be doing wrong would be helpful. SOS!!!

Sorry about your issue. Most here, me being one, use TiViMate Premium. For a lifetime sub it’s around $25 U.S. and will display every free or paid playlist you have as well as any free/paid EPGs. It’s so configurable. On the down side, it may take you a lifetime to learn all the settings and use TiViMate to it’s max. I will never use anything else as long as TiViMate exists.

Oh and Welcome to Troy’s insider community. Have fun and STREAM ON.

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Break down the m3u code & get the Xtream code from it. It is easy. The server URL is at the beginning of the m3u, the look for username & password. Enter that instead of m3u. Much easier!

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You can try IPTV Extreme, I used to use that one and you may have to side load it, I know its free,
but Tivimate is well worth the the lifetime membership,

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