IPTV install on Kodi

I tried to install my IPTV onto KODI.I got the M3U but the EPG didn’t take.I can see the time but no other infro.like channel/infro about the program.I payed for one connection and that is on TIVIMate.should I take it off TIVIMate and put it on KODI


Try reinstalling M3u info, as long as your not using Kodi and Tivimate at the same time one connection is fine. But in my opinion you should just use Tivimate, as any Iptv in Kodi isn’t going to be reliable in. Tivi best player out there.


setting up iptv can be tedious at best and spending time doing it within kodi can and will be futile. Kodi changes way too much to put in that effort. It would be like building a sand castle and everytime you finnish…ol’ Drac comes along and kicks it over :joy:


That’s one of many things I can say I’m very happy with my service for. Never had a problem getting it to work after putting the log in info in. Always an easy setup and up & running instantly

I have had a similar situation. Thank you for posting and for the replies. I’m having some issues with Tivimate, so I thought I’d try out using Kodi. I’ve always liked Tivimate, it’s just anytime there is an update I lose all my playlist settings and have to reset them. It gets to be annoying. I’m going to have to check the Tivimate category and see if there is a fix for it. Thank you all!

Never had any problems losing my playlist after updating Tivimate.

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Thats a tivimate issue ive never heard before. Is it the real tivimate or the cracked version? Tivimate has ran pretty flawless for me only issues I ever had was back in the noob stage of using it.

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Working better than ever for me.

I’ve never heard of an issue like this on TiViMate. I would contact your IPTV supplier and see if they have a solution.


Id just drop iptv on kodi

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