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I didnt say they where shady, they just technically are getting content they dont have a license for and sellijg it to you for what realistically should be the price.

There is however crap shady ones. My advice if you are new to iptv would be to read everything on the main website. And maybe pay no more than 15 and try a service.

Yeah I have a great IPTV paid Provider for less than $5 month on an 8 month Sub. Thousands of channels and well maintained. That’s all I’ll say about that. Not sure if they are Shady or not but everything has worked great for the last 5 months. If they decide to shut down overnight my risk is low.

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Hello @MarkxG there are numerous reasons why we removed the IPTV discussions from this page. 1. When we had them, we received DMCA takedown requests due to the fact that people were linking to these questionable sites in their discussions. We do not link to these sites on our TROYPOINT page, therefore, no problems. This is the #1 main reason. 2. This site was turning into a spam haven for IPTV services, IPTV affiliates, and resellers. Too many BS posts by people trying to be cute, acting like they are helping but in the long run, it turns into an IPTV sell. The fact is there are probably thousands of reseller sites out there but they are all leaching off the same 6 to 12 real services. No need to hassle with that crap on this community-driven site. This site is better not having those discussions.


Looking for a service that is focused on the USA. It’s nice that I can get 30,000 channels,150,000 movies and 60,000 TV shows, but when I have to hide 99% of them it’s not that good. It would also be great to get Peacock streaming. They offer a lot of live spots that I’d like to watch. If the service doesn’t have a way to contact support and a trial then please don’t suggest them. Been down that road too many times since I started looking for new service.


every iptv service that i have used had the ability to remove countries you don’t watch? never had to hide groups but once and i no longer use that service

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Can you recommend one? Everyone I have tried I have to hide all of the groups for that country. It ends up being 100+ groups. Then I have to do the same of all of the VOD titles.

If you’re looking for recommendation for an IPTV service you’ll need to ask that on the proper category IPTV services.

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