IPTV and Hulu working togetter

I have a subscription to Hulu and was wondering if I can use the IPTV under my Hulu to get the free channels and everything and if so how

I don’t understand the question? If you have a subscription to Hulu. Then you get what that sub provides.

Are you wanting to somehow transfer your Hull creds onto your iptv service?

Yeah, this question needs some clarification. What exactly do you want to achieve? Are you asking about ditching Hulu and getting a different IPTV service? If you are trying to get premium channels for free then I’m afraid there isn’t a 100% reliable way of doing that. Paid IPTV services that are, what we call unverified, are usually around $10-15 per month but there are risks. If you are asking about loading the Hulu channels you already pay for into a program like Tivimate then I’m afraid that is either really difficult or impossible.


Thank you so much for the info and sorry for the way I ask that will try to do better next time

Sounds like you want to combine your hulu with another iptv subscription. Short Answer is no.
Hulu is a standalone app. iptv works differently.


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