IP Vanish Password

Setting up IP Vanish on another TV using Nvidia. I forgot my password to IP Vanish. My other tv I just bring it up and connect automatically. Is there a contact number to obtain PW?

If you go to their website, there’s a “forgot your password?” link you can click on. They’ll ask for your email and send you what you need to reset your password.

Forgot my password whilst logging in for this…Put my user name in, then 3 attempted inputs at trying to remember which all failed then I notice underneath the "Forgot my password " option. Clicked this and followed instructions and here I am. So… if there is no "forgot my password underneath the login page, then follow r_higginbothams instruction

i’m guessing your using your e-mail as your name to log in, on the bottom it should say forgot pass word, click on that and you can change it, what ever you use you have to use that pass word on all your set’s when you log in, just hit remember pass word and it will automatically log you in… hope that help’s