Ip vanish issues

My ip vanish account won’t open when I click the app any help much appreciated thanks

On what device? Have you gone into settings, clearing cache and try to start it from there? Is it just your account you can’t access? Have you gone on line to IPVanish and looked at your account or put in a customer service request?

if you are using windows 7, it is not supported anymore. the latest update will not work on my desktop.

Not surprising as win 7 is very old now. IPVanish claims it can still be installed and used on win 7.

I am using IPVanish on W7 on two computers. No problems at all.

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Nice to know Wiz. Perhaps you could help the OP out and explain your setup to them. Cheers.

Hey Miki,

There was nothing more than downloading it, installing it, signing in with my credentials and running it. There was no need to do anything more or go near network or workgroup settings at all. Turnkey solution. Download, Install, Run. @Gravy, please get the techs at IPVanish on chat. They answer right away. This way you will be up and running A.S.A. P

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Make sure to allow ipvanish threw windowd firewall it still should work on windows 7, should do what was mentioned above.

I’m using a KM1 deluxe mecool box sent a service request in but haven’t heard anything back yet

Hey @Gravy You sent a service request into where…mecool or ipvanish? While you’re waiting, I would suggest deleting the IPV app & starting all over…clearing all caches on your mecool, pull power on it & your router for a few seconds…reconnect devices & download a new app from a different location…Troy’s RAI would be a good place. Go to troypoint.com/rai if you don’t have his rapid app installer. BTW…If you sent a support request to mecool…don’t hold your breath…they are slow & pretty much worthless (personal experience & general consensus around here) IPVanish is normally very quick to respond tho. Keep us informed…GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi pangaeatech. Followed your suggestions everything is working great. Thanks very much for your advice

Glad it worked out for ya Gravy… :+1: