Ip vanish increase

Anybody see the new prices for ip vanish next year. Pretty much doubled. May have to switch

No, I haven’t seen the price increase… I am on the 5 dollars a month forever plan.

Not sure where your figures are from but for 2 yrs it’s $2.92/mth and then the 3rd year $7.50/mth. So in the third year it’s more than double but wow, security for $7.50/mth that’s dirt cheap.

I paid 99$ for 3 years, 3 years ago… what is it now?

It’s not so bad, 3-7 bucks a month.

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My figure is from up vanish renewed will be $99 fir the year. This will be my 3rd year. And Ifcuvuse Troy point discount can’t for the next year I found out this last year

I’ve been a paying customer of IPVanish for over 5 yrs and paid $120/yr for that time. Contact customer service and tell them you’re dissatisfied with the price you’re paying and if you can’t get a discount then you’ll have to cancel your subscription. See what sort of price they can give you then. Some got a reduction to $35/yr for 2 yrs. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

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I always just get it under a new email. Never pay more than $40 a year


I’ll try both of your plans. If the call does work I give them a new email. Thanx everyone