IP Vanish help with KODI

I have been using IP Vanish with KODI for over a year with no problems. Now when I scrape links and try to select one the scrape goes through all links and will not play. Says no streams. I turn off IP Vanish links will scrape and when I select a link it plays. I use real-debrid. Any thoughts or advice

What addon are you using

I am using Venom fen shadow

Have try changing the protocol in IPVanishVPN

I changed protocol and it makes no difference


Try changing to seren and the crew.

Also try changing your providers. Seren uses its own which is could and you can add orion to it. It’s very good.

If that is also causing issues I would try a different vpn.

There is a guide here: Supercharge

Try looking through that.

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Thanks for y’all help

Hello @oscr6432 I would suggest repairing Real-Debrid. I don’t think this is an IPVanish problem. Repaid Real Debrid and if that doesn’t work, make sure that your Real-Debrid account is still active. They don’t notify you when it has expired.

I changed location and it seem to help. Thanks