IP Vanish Having Issues

Is there anyone else experiencing difficulties with IP Vanish. I’ve been trying to log in but I keep getting a message saying “Connection Error”. My internet is strong, so I know it’s not my internet provider.

My IPV us running flawlessly. Haven’t heard of any issues.

@bookie Hi there,

See if this helps - IPVanish Not Connecting? Try These Simple Solutions for a Quick Fix


3 easy things to try. Restart your Stick.
Switch servers in the app. If in the U.S. try Ashburn.
Try switching protocols. If using wireguard try UDP instead.


Is your account up to date hasn’t expired i not having any issues

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My account expires in July 2022

Did you try the steps provided?

I communicated with someone from Customer Service and got the problem solved. Turns out I had to clear the cache and data on the IPVanish app, then log back in. But it’s working flawlessly now thanks.

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One of the steps in the Troypoint tutorial was doing exactly that. It’s amazing how much you can learn taking the time to watch Troy’s vids and read his tutorials. Enjoy.



On point.

As I say to everyone, please explore the site watch the video read the tuts.


I had a problem a couple of weeks ago. I went on their support chat and they walked me through the settings. I changed some settings and now it works great. Your settings may be different than mine. I suggest going to support chat.
The only problem that I have been having is sometimes when on Kodi Xenon build, it will boot me off Ipvanish. I use Troy’s dot and that will alert me if I am off or on.

I read about clearing the cache right here in the ole Troypoint forums about 6 months ago. It is to streaming what rebooting is to a cranky PC. It’s the first of three things I read, to do. Second step is reboot your router, then when all is done, go to your TV settings and restart it. Then peace and harmony will be restored, channels are accessible, less buffering, my whites are brighter… ok, maybe not that last one, but those three steps are just routine for me know thanks to Troypoint Insider! Works every time.


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