IP Vanish failing to download

Please help me as it appears that I now may need a vpn to download a vpn!
Last night I attempted to use the orange ‘Downloader’ app to download/install IP Vanish on my daughter’s fire stick and the ISP would not allow it - any advce welcome please!

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Open your Downloader and type in
download it, run it, find IPVanish in the list and download/install.


Hi Miki,
Thanks very much for your reply above, unfortunately I can’t try it out until next time I visit my daughter, by which time this thread may have gone, but fingers crossed that yet again you and Troypoint will have come to my rescue!
Kind regards, Jim

Hi again Miki,
Actually just run it on my home android tv and wow it’s opened up so many options not previously aware of - thanks again!

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