Ip Vanish dropping connection

Setup:: MeCool KM2, Kodi v19.3 Matrix, Diggz Xenon Plus (7.8), Real-Debrid, Main apps, Venom, The Crew, and Seren. ** Wireless Internet Service Provider** Great Service!

Problem: Ip Vanish drops the connection after a few minutes ever since the new interface update, same on all apps.

How it was detected: In any streaming mode shows or movies would freeze, pausing for a few and hitting play, nothing, hitting rewind for ten sec, nothing, hitting ten forward, nothing, no signs of buffering troubles, hit home opened Ip and it was disconnected, hit reconnect, open Kodi and streaming would resume from where it stopped.

Attempting to resolve Downloaded Safety Dot, tried streaming, nothing, for some odd reason no matter what app, show or movie, no streams detected, uninstalled, did a restart, works fine. I have tried multiple countries and cities, same, drops 2 to 4 times every hour and half of streaming. Nothing in the settings that allows auto-reconnect,

Thank you all, at Troypoint Insider for your advice and help.

@tghopkins Hi

Well the first steps I will do check my google play account for updates and for some harmful apps that’s been blocked by Play store if you find any in my experience this is common cose.

Uninstall IPVanish and clean system cashe
Restart your router and wait for few minutes before restarting it.

Reconnect device to router also wait for few minutes check google for updates install it any and wait till the system is up and running.

Install IPVanish login also wait for a minute to connect to your account than connect to a server

RD will not be affected when disconnecting but it’s a good idea to check.

TP wrote an manual about IPVanish connection problems also you can try. :+1:

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Sorry, it took so long to get back. Thank you. I have been working, but the good news is, it’s all working. The only thing I had not done was a clean re-install of Ipvanish. Oops, missed basic 101, sorry, and Thank you for the reminder. Have a blessed day.

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