Invizabox an w IP Vanish

I have a Fire TV Cube w IP Vanish on it but I cant get my Invizabox to work with it, my Fire cube TV flashes an orange light when I try connect to the invisabox 2.5 or 5g but works fine w other router
I have tried restarting my Fire cube and the invzaboz, as well as moving the invizabox away from the fire cube, I starting off w it about a foot away, any thoughts?

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Did you find a solution?
I have unhooked all devices including my router and reinstalled and the light goes away for a day then returns.
Good Internet connection.
No Overheating or messages.
Remote Pairing was good.
The only thing I haven’t done and really hate to do is a factory reset if that will even work.

Out of options.