Internet security suite with VPN

Hi Guys, I’m considering not renewing my 3 year Commodo Internet security suite due to cost. Some of the replacements offer a VPN service with thier offerings, like Bitdefender. What would you guys recommend? I’m using IPvanish now and its coming up for renewal in April. Your thoughts please.

Comodo is a reputable service but not heard of much in the vpn world but if you use and trust it, carry on. Personally I would stick with a peer reviewed vpn as IPVanish is or many others. Dont get me wrong, comodo might be a great vpn, just not to popular or heard from. Security begins and ends with the user.

I agree. That’s one that isn’t talked about much and as I’ve tried so many, that was not one of them. Stick with what works for you. Everyone has a preference and one that works for some won’t work for others. There are a lot out there and trust me when I say their website description of features don’t always hold true on certain platforms. Example…

I like and use Surfshark.

Comodo used to be the top for its ip blocker and firewall, very good service. I havent used them in some time. Bit defender is really good but its script software is heavy duty… Some of my game mods got flagged and it was hard to bypass. but strong program.