Internet provider change pin

I received a letter from internet provider saying they changed my pin number to comply with FCC. Is this anything to worry about? I use a VPN I hope someone knows the answer. Thanks for any help

Hmm. Personally I’d contact them and ask what’s going on, and if I didn’t like their answer, or get a straight answer, I’d switch providers. First time in 30 years I’ve heard of a PIN for internet.

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Sounds like a scam, call your provider. Don’t do anything until you heard from them.

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Called internet provider they said they changed all accounts 4 digit access code numbers. Thanks for the help


I’m curios though. What is the PIN for? Every SSID that I’ve ever heard of has a password needed to enter to access the network. The modem/router has a unique identifier. Is this to access your on line account?

It was the account pin. number for paying or for when you call in with a problem. Just a security thing as they explained to me

Aha. That’s what I thought and nothing we could address. Merry Christmas.