Insomnia not in Loonatics repo

Hi, I’m rebuilding my second Kodi machine a went to install Insomnia from the Loonatics repo and its gone. Does anyone have an alternative we can try, please?

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Use Loonatics Empire instead they were both Venom Forks and outside of color/theme choices are identical. also if you use TMDB-H you can manually edit the Venom.json files found in userdata/addon_data/ so as to have working players through the use of TheMovieDatabase-Helper addon

Simply edit then rename the 4 venom related .json files appropriately


open the .json file in Notepad++ or some txt editing prgm and edit the first line to match the name of your plugin as it should appear in kodi including colorized brackets if used.

for example

“name” : “[COLOR red]Venom[/COLOR] (Source Select)”,
“name” : “[COLORdeepskyblue]Loonatics [COLORblue]Empire[/COLOR] (Source Select)”,

and second

replace all mentions of to for Loonatics Empire


save and rename the file to something like


put the new file into the directory from above and restart/start Kodi

now you will have a working player for that addon.
Simply rinse and repeat for the other 3 venom.json files to get the rest.

The same can be done for other missing addon players such as ThePromise, just use TheOath.json file and edit it accordingly, also asgard, or any other forked kodi addon etc., you just need to figure out what it was forked from and find a similar existing .json player file to edit and add.

a simple tip for figuring out the proper colorization for the first step is to make a favorite of the addon you are making the player for, within Kodi and then navigate to the favorites.xml file and open it in a text editor you’ll find the file in /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/ if on an android device.
if on a PC look in




Start – type %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata – press


Windows 10 App Store version
Kodi Krypton installed from the Win 10 App Store puts user data in…







/Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/



Thank you very much for helping us

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Glad I was able to assist, “God Bless”!

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