Insomnia installation issues

Trying to install Insomnia addon on Android box(mecool). When I get to install step, Kodi just closes. Followed Troy’s installation steps and Kodi just shutdown on last step(install). Anyone else having issues?

Same issue, see above post.

I’ve installed Insomnia and it works just like Venom or Fen did. I don’t know what your problem is. Hope someone can advise you on how to fix your problem because this is the best add-on at the moment. Best of Luck


Not sure what problem is but a number of people are having same issue. Using Kodi 19.3 from rapid installer. Maybe issue is from this Kodi ver?

Make sure you have enough space, Use a cleaner app and remove junk and other stuff. (Sd maid or something like that) Uninstall kodi, use 19.3 and try again or 19.4

Space no issue. Will try 19.4…Thanks

Installed perfectly on my matrix 19.4. It did fail for me the first time but then I rechecked everything and had one letter entered wrong.

Yes, installs and works great on 19.4. Doesn’t seem to like 19.3 for some reason.

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They may updated to 19.4 or to be optimized on 19.4 not everything runs smooth on 19.4 glad its working.