India Orders VPN Companies Store User Data

100% of people use a VPN for one reason, to safeguard their privacy keeping their online activity secure and anonymous. Any collection of data renders a VPN service obsolete. End of days for paid VPN’s if this law goes Global.


If this law goes global it’s the end of days for any user privacy…


It’s all about control and BIG everything wants it. data data data…be worried because we have zero representation in anything anymore.

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Yeah this is a disaster many providers have servers in India. They will share collected user data with other governments.

The Big tech have to open a door somewhere.
Weird :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Tor network and proxies servers will replace vpns if that happens.

I cant see it coming full circle. The fight to control the internet is a big one.


I think you’re right about Tor. Maybe time to dust off the tutorials and take another run at the dark web.


Dark web isnt thats dark, its ment for anonymous web broswing and untraceable content, its received a bad track record because of people abusing it.

But you can access all major main sites with it without beint tracked.

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it’s been my opinion that in some dark room in a far internet place a group of coders are tapping keyboard working on the blockchain de-centralized iptv’s… :sunglasses:…its gona happn :+1:

It would be left to providers to install a work around whereby you can register/pay via an email and pay with a visa gift card [bought with cash] or crypto. Personally I think before the decade is out, we will have to be ID verified for all online services, accounts, email, forums and socials.


I bet usa and canada will try it. But the problem is you can always bypass these things.

You can spoof your hardware on your computer and spoof your ip with out a vpn. There is all kinds of software out there.

I think vpn owners should say no to these people and stay privately owned. Goverment can try to order that info but in a sense its illgeal to do so as nobody is breaking laws and its against consumer privacy laws. It will be a big big court battle and even after there will be other ways.

I think you guys should do a baisc proxy server tutorial.

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I accept your point. The disturbing trend is that the “normal” operational routines we use to remain anonymous online are slowly being investigated and the powers that be are creating laws to ensure the use of these will soon be illegal. Bottom line, governments appear to be heading toward making sure all anonymous online activity will be illegal. VPN’s will be banned. All ISP’s, all browsers will be made to track users activity. Online memberships and accounts will need authentic ID verification. There will be a work around that some hardcore people will use, most probably use Dark Web etc anyway. But for your average, everyday internet user, being online will soon have legal requirements that prohibit you from not being legally accountable for everything you say or do on the internet.


Yes, i know, its called digital id. Canada and usa are trying to push it.

So far its blowing up.


not to mention mac identification :eyes:


Spoof that.

Vpns dont do any hardware spoof. If troy admins aprove i can send them programs and data if id spoofing.

For now brave broswer or tor that.

yeam on linux I can use a mac switcher that radomely changes it. hmm and I think I forgot to install on this distro… good work for me during the ball game tonight

Windows has way more spy crap on their programs. So when my laptop comes in im going to rework it.

But cool stuff! Prepare!

just installed it from the aur on my desktop, will hit the lappy later.

as a side note…it was a truck driver many years ago that got me on linux.

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Aha, I knew it had to be someone that lead you astray. Linux omg there is no saving you now.

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Miki I bought a new lenovo laptop a few months ago and after about an hour of fiddling with it I wiped it out completely, partitioned the drive and I dual boot 2 linux distros :rofl:…I hate windows.

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