Increased storage on scan disk stopped working

Good afternoon everyone , I know this is not normal but I had a quick question if someone could help me. I am specifically talking about how to increase the storage on the fire stick 4K. I followed the process and everything worked great for a year or so until yesterday. I don’t know if Amazon removed it. I tried to undo my OTG cable and scan disk but it did not come back. I tried to reconfigure the ScanDisk and it says that there’s an illegal error. Question is this because it’s no longer working. If I buy another scan disk and go through the process again to reconfigure the desk for the extra storage do you feel it will work? Or is there a way of me fixing the current scan disk I have. Thank you so much

Hit that problem myself a while back. After a few trials, I discovered that in “Developer Options” if you put ADB Debugging off and restart the firestick, you are able to reconfigure external memory, perform a format etc. It also works if you are suddenly not seeing your external memory. Turn the Debugging back on after a few hours and everything should be fine [It worked for me] so maybe work a try!

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Thank you so much. I just turned ADB debugging off and restarted firestick. I will turn ADB Debugging on in a couple of hours. Hopefully my external memory comes back. Thank you again.


Hope it works for you, it did for me and everything was fine.

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