Incorrect movies playing in Cinema

I have been trying to watch movies in Cinema. Not one of them is what it should be. I have not been able to watch any movies at all. What gives? Is there any way to contact the developer and let him/her know??

Here is the email address:
contact [@]

However, i have emailed them a couple of times, with no response.

I am using version 2.4 and it works ok, most of the time. But, even some films/ tv shows released this year, orivide no streams.

I even tried using kodi Serena to watch the same film/ movie. But again, there were no streams for the same fulms/ tv shows.

Interestingly enough, if you go to the menu and click updates, it displays a page " no longer supported".

Perhaps, you might try uninstalling and re install.

Hope that helps.


Oh he knows. I no longer use it. I use Stremio and TeaTV. Other good ways to get what you want is Kodi and Syncler.


Thank you. This is very helpful!

Thanks. I’ll give those a try.

You can block a providers’ streams. If I experience wrong info too many times from a provider. Then I will go to settings>>performance>>choose providers to enable>> and deselect that provider


have same problem- try different links get other shows. keep going back to startover sometimes works. think popular streams over worked or mixed streams pop wishes—slow and easy


Same advice for you as well. Try stremio or kodi or get a real debrid linked up.

This topic has been widely covered, please use the search function.

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