I would like to know why can't I sign in to trakt on cucotv

Why can’t I sign in to trakt.tv on cucotv? I press the select button on trakt sign in and it doesn’t do anything.

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In Cuco TV when you go to settings then Trakt, do you not get a code pop-up?

No, I am on cucotv now and when I press select on trakt, no code is being read on the screen by voice view.

I don’t know about voice view. You should see a pop up with a code and then using your phone go to Sign in to Trakt - Trakt and enter that code. Try turning off voice view

Thank you, you are spectacular. I love my fire stick. Voice view is a screen reader that visually impaired people like me use on a fire stick and fire tablet. Are their any apps like cucotv for me to download? I have been enjoying Smart tube and my grandmother has also enjoyed it. It is better than the original youtube.

I am sorry I kinda misled you. I do know what voice view is. What I meant was I don’t know about voice view telling you what’s in a pop up and giving you the code. I am not sure about cucoTV and what might almost be the same. I use Stremio for Movies and TV Series, TiViMate for IPTV and kodi mad titan add-on for live TV and my Silk Browser for live sports.

Thank you for your help.

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