I would like to know if there are any apps like kodi for windows for real-debrid

Are there any apps for windows like kodi for real-debrid?


Do you mean that intergrate real debrid? Many apps, check out the website for top streaming apps.

Also you can use bluestacks to use apks on windows. Infact Iā€™m petty sure the new windows update can now do this.

So you can use almost anything.


Yep, installed Bluestacks on my Windows machine. Installed Kodi, Seren with real-debrid. Works flawlessly.


No need to install Bluestacks to install Kodi/Seren/etc. Just install Kodi for Windows, then install Seren (I prefer The Crew over Seren but to each his own) and link it to your Real Debrid account.

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He would if he wants to use other apks or apps.


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