I think i am using Kodi incorrectly?

I am using a Firestick with Kodi 19.1 and i have put a build on (cant remember which) but i only use the Rising Tides app. Is it over kill to use a build? Should i just use a sports add on that has Rising Tides and if so which one? Sorry for the questions and possibly the wrong terminology but this is my first foray in to cord cutting.

This is a highly debated topic and it really all comes down to your preference. There’s a huge difference between saving money and trying to get everything for free. If you want things to be as reliable and simple as possible then there are better ways to go about cord cutting. If you want everything for free then a Kodi build does provide you with lots of options.

I watch a lot of sports and in my opinion it’s best to pay for an IPTV service and use it with the Tivimate app. The majority of the IPTV providers out there will have all your major networks and all of the sports packages.

I’ll tell you about my setup and you can research some things for yourself. If you want more information let me know.

I use an IPTV provider you can find via telegram app here and I load the playlist in Tivimate. Then I use Kodi with The Crew add-on and use the real-debrid service. I’ve never needed more than that. I also use IPVanish VPN.

The paid version of Tivimate is totally worth it. A lifetime subscription for 5 devices is around $20 last I knew. That’s a one time fee. When all configured the guide and user interface is actually better than most cable boxes. And as far as Kodi, that also is very customizable. Most of the people that complain about it don’t take the time to learn everything about it. All said and done I think I’m paying about $18/month before the VPN. I don’t remember what the VPN comes out to, but it’s less than $10/month. I hardly ever have buffering and I don’t have any issues finding what I’m looking for.


Best comment above for kodi and sports.

100% recommend.

You want more vod and less live tv:

Kodi siren venom crew oath real debrid
Syncler plus and real debrid.

I never use a build they take to much space up which then causes buffering. Only use the top 3 or 4 addons and you will be fine

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Thank you @Jayhawks659 for going to the time and trouble to write your reply, its very much appreciated. Lots of food for thought with your advice so i will google and try and get myself up to speed with your suggestions.


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