I need help from a Gamer

I need to buy a birthday gift and have been told they want a retro type system. Old nintendo, atari?, sega… I have no idea where to start looking. Ive looked on amazon for retro games and there are plenty with mixed reviews, some cheap$$ some over $100 bucks. Problem is as a non-gamer I have no idea what to look for. Last time I played a video game pong was all the rage…if you get my drift!! Any suggestions on a retro system?


Well, there is a few out there. I bought the small retro super Nintendo upscale for hd which as every single super Nintendo game on it. At that time it just came out and was 300.

Awesome little reto system. There is ones for Sega and 64 as well so depends on what retro content they want.

On my computer I can emulate every retro system up to the ps3.

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