I’m really struggling to use this platform

I can’t even get a movie to play, it freezes it won’t download or it just plain don’t work , is there a video by Troy that just gives the basics on players and navigating simply watching movies? And what is Trakt ? I signed up but idk
I need troypoint for dummy’s I guess….lol

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Well if I knew what you were talking about I could certainly help. There are a wide variety of apps to achieve what you want, if I knew what that is. So if you could perhaps explain what it is you are trying to do, we could guide you by suggesting basic and simple apps to ease you into the hobby. Then once you begin to understand the basics then you can move on to more advanced apps that you can use your new knowledge on. So help us out by telling us what you would like. we’re here to help and to help you eliminate your frustrations. Just don’t get to stressed help is just a few key strokes away. Welcome to Troypoint and our helpful and friendly community.

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I simply want to watch movies for free basically , I have bee tv ,film plus , HB player and every time i search a movie it gives me 15 links to pick 1080p or 720 etc I click a 1080 HD one and it then asks me to pick a player , I choose the recommended player and ….blank screen

What device is this on? One of the best cross platform apps that you should start with is OnStream . No configuration to speak of, and picks the best quality for you.

There ya go. @mthr1 has chimned in with excellent links as well. We can and will guide you along your journey. Enjoy.

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It does feel daunting when you’re trying to get your head wrapped around the whole cord cutting and streaming thing. It’s a big step - and once you get past the first couple of hurdles, you’ll come to find that it becomes exponentially easier to understand an implement.

What device are you using to start your venture?

Once you have the hardware that you’re comfortable with, it’s all about the software (apps/APKs).

If movies are your thing and you’re not too concerned about live TV - consider reviewing some of these VOD options in one of Troy’s guides.

When you decide on what program you want to try - consider some privacy and security measures while you stream…like a VPN.

Baby steps. Get to reading. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I also would like to give you a link to a great tool to help you along your journey:


You’ll find that many of the movie/tv steaming APKs will make references to “real debrid” in their bullet points of features.

Once you get dialed up on the streaming apps that you want to try, you’ll really want to understand the value and importance of this service for achieving a gratifying and buffer-free experience. While typically not free, it’s one of the best components that you’ll want to invest in for effective streaming.

Read on - soak it all in.

Then just to add variety and a multitude of enjoyment, and once you start becoming use to this hobby, we can step it up to live TV.

Download the VLC Player and the MX Pro Player and try loading your movie on one of them. My go-to player for externals is the VLC Player.

The TP Toolbox has the MX Pro download, but not the VLC.

Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player - VideoLAN



Ok seems like you need the whole step by step to cord cutting which is a lot to learn but I don’t mind breaking it down for you and walking you through everything just pm me if interested good luck

Keep your head up. It gets easier the more you use it. Welcome to the wonderful world of cord cutting. The main thing to remember is read. Keep yourself in the know and knowledge yourself in this new world. You’ll be fine i have no doubt. We were all in your shoes and one time.


I didn’t see any information on what is your connection speed, I’ve found in the past that does make a difference… so you may post some information on that!

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Some of the sources are bad. You have to try five sources to get it to work

What sources are you referring to?