I lose my movie if I put it on pause for a few minutes

If I put my Kodi streaming movie on pause for a few minutes to go to the kitchen or whatever, it will go back to the home screen and I lose my place. I then have to start over and fast forward to here I left off. Can anyone help with an answer or setting for this? Thanks.

Which video app you’re using would be helpful and if you’ve checked that apps related settings? The TRAKT addon can help with this as well.

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I’m using The Crew, if that helps.

Try installing and configuring Crew for TRAKT, Apps for all your devices - Trakt. Sign-up for a free account First and authorize Crew. There’s tons of info on how to do this on the web.

Thanks, I’ll do that - though I thought there might be a setting in the Crew tools section that I could enable.

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