I have two questions

What is Real Debrid?
What is Torrent?

Real-Debrid is referred to as a unrestricted downloader. It is a paid subscription service that offers you a host of links inside of Kodi and standalone APKs like Cinema HD, Their links go through their servers and are faster and more reliable when watching movies and TV shows etc.
Torrenting is the downloading of content like movies from a host of different computers around the world. Normally you download from one site. Torrenting puts together bits and pieces of the file together from different sources and combines them so you can watch the movie in one piece.
This is a brief overview. You can Google each and put Troypoint at the end of your search like “Torrenting Troypoint” and you will find out how to use each. I just explained what they are. Trpypoint will show you how to use them. Thanks. Hope this helps.

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